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A Local's Review: The Tagtaway Plant's Legacy and Benefits

I have lived in the Mount Kitanglad Range all my life, just as my parents and grandparents did before me. The Tagtaway plant, known to us as "reach for the sky," has been an integral part of our lives for generations. This incredible plant has not only helped us grow taller but has also been used to treat various ailments.

Ancestral Wisdom and Usage

My grandparents often spoke of our ancestors who were taller than the average person in our community. They attributed this remarkable height to the regular consumption of Tagtaway. It was a common practice to make a tea from its leaves, which was believed to promote growth and strengthen bones. This tradition has been passed down through the generations, and many in our family have benefited from it.

Traditional Remedies

Apart from its height-enhancing properties, the Tagtaway plant has been used to treat several common illnesses. Here are some traditional recipes:

For Cough and Colds: Boil Tagtaway leaves with ginger and lemongrass. Drink the concoction twice a day.

For Stomach Aches: Crush the leaves into a paste and mix with a small amount of water. Drink this mixture to soothe stomach discomfort.

For Wounds and Infections: Apply a paste made from Tagtaway leaves directly to the affected area to promote healing and prevent infection.

Growing the Tagtaway Plant

The Tagtaway plant is relatively easy to grow but requires specific conditions to thrive. It takes about three to four years to mature fully. The plant prefers the rich, well-drained soil of our rainforest and thrives in areas with plenty of shade and consistent moisture. It’s a hardy plant but is sensitive to drastic changes in climate and deforestation, which threaten its natural habitat.

Preserving Our Heritage

As locals, we are deeply concerned about the rapid deforestation in the Mount Kitanglad Range. The illegal logging activities threaten not only the Tagtaway plant but also the rich biodiversity of our home. Efforts to cultivate the plant sustainably are essential to preserve its benefits for future generations.

A Personal Note

My name is Juan Dela Cruz, and I take great pride in sharing the legacy of the Tagtaway plant with the world. This plant has been a cornerstone of our community's health and well-being for as long as we can remember. It is my hope that through conservation and sustainable practices, the Tagtaway plant will continue to thrive and benefit people for many generations to come.


  1. Does anyone know the scientific name of Tagtaway plant? As I'm searching it on Google and other websites but nothing appear about its information and species.

  2. Same im curious as well and cant seem to research it anywhere