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How It Works

The science behind how the Utmost Help-Grow UHG product made from the Tagtaway plant works to make adults grow taller:

In 2021, nestled within the lush foliage of the Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park in the Philippines, a plant was found that would change the lives of many Filipinos forever. The locals called it "Tagtaway," which meant "reach for the sky" in their language. For centuries, the people of the area had been using it to treat a variety of ailments, but little did they know that it had an unexpected benefit.
In 2021, scientists discovered that this plant contained a unique combination of growth factors and nutrients that could stimulate the growth of bones and cartilage in adults. They found that when formulated with other natural plants found in the Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park, the Tagtaway plant had the ability to increase height in individuals of all ages, regardless of gender or ethnicity.
The scientists were amazed to find out that many Filipinos had already been using the Tagtaway plant for years and had grown taller as a result. They conducted extensive clinical trials, and the results were astounding. The plant had the ability to increase height by up to 10 inches in some individuals, and it did so without any side effects.
The secret behind the Tagtaway plant's ability to increase height lies in its unique combination of bioactive compounds that work together to stimulate bone growth. These compounds include growth factors like insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β), as well as minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are essential for bone development.
When consumed in the form of Utmost Help-Grow UHG, the bioactive compounds in the Tagtaway plant are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the bones and cartilage, where they promote the growth of new tissue. Over time, this leads to a gradual increase in height.

As a result of the Tagtaway plant's amazing ability to promote bone growth, the Utmost Help-Grow UHG product quickly became the most sought-after natural remedy in the Philippines. And with the help of a USA-based company that developed a way to grow the plant in their gardens located in the Philippines, the production of Utmost Help-Grow UHG was able to keep up with the high demand.

The Tagtaway plant had done what many believed to be impossible, and it had changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. It had given them a chance to reach for the sky, to achieve their dreams, and to be the best versions of themselves. And so, the little plant that had been growing in the Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park became a symbol of hope and possibility for the people of the Philippines.


  1. l saw this on tv. I have been saving money to buy this. Please let me know if you have any promotion or discount. I have 3500$ and want the fast growth max Utmost Help-Growth Uhg.

    1. Does the show that you've watch has also youtube video? As I'm interested to watch about their product as well...

  2. l live in Davao / Philippines , i know the tagtaway plant from our grandparents. When i was a child they used to make herbal remedies from it especially for bone injuries but they used to apply it on skin externally. Not everybody knows it , i think it is endemic here this part of the Philippines. It is good science found out it is effective for height increase. It is true that people here are taller than general population.

    1. Nice to here from you Fernando! I'm also a Filipino but I live in the city of Manila, so I've never been in Mindanao. Do you have any idea what is the scientific name/English name of Tagtaway plant? Because I've searched the word "tagtaway'' across the goodgle and internet but nothing appeared.